<h1>WEEKEND IN ITALY AT DISCOUNT PRICES</h1><span>From 49€</span><a class=offer href=en/car-rental.html>View offer</a> <h1>TRAVELS WITH FRIENDS At CHEAP PRICES</h1><span>From  45€</span><a class=offer href=en/van-rental.html>View offer</a> <h1>RENTAL At COMPETITIVE PRICES</h1><span>From 319€ monthly</span><a class=offer href=en/long-term-rental.html>View offer</a> <h1>LEGAL ASSISTANCE </h1><span>Specialized Support</span><a class=offer href=en/legal-assistance.html>View offer</a> <h1>Bus rental</h1><span>From 85 €</span><a class=offer href=>View offer</a> <h1>Accessories</h1><span>All the accessories you need!</span><a class=offer href=>View offer</a> <h1>Special August Rate </h1><span>20% discount on the monthly fee</span><a class=offer href=>View offer</a>

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